July 14th: New fanart is up on the fanart page!

July 1st 2015: Aconitum earned a 2nd place on JukePop's top 30 last month. Thank you for reading and voting!

June 14th 2015: Aconitum is complete, but how about a fantasy novel about magic and war crimes? You can read Conviction for free now.

June 7th 2015: To celebrate the ending of Aconitum, A.R. Emmé (who has been an incredible help with the story) made a gorgeous picture of Hector and Royer. It's on the fanart page.



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As if being a certified werewolf hunter isn’t enough of a moral morass already, Hector Rothenberg hears rumours of a wolf who can change its shape at will, and he realises that he must investigate the truth.

But he needs to hurry up - especially if routine missions keep going almost fatally wrong.



Aconitum is the story of one man’s physical and mental journey. It is also the tale of a society which knows that werewolves are a real threat, of a doctor with a dark secret, a skilled lady in a lucrative business, a rich aunt, a grumpy, old mentor, a cheeky Frenchman, a village idiot, tragic death, romance gone wrong, and a young man who really wanted nothing to do with any of that.

A literary supernatural tale of werewolves, the ones who hunt them, and the people who are caught in the crossfire.


Is that biting off more than a werewolf can chew? Well, come and see for yourself.










Aconitum is a serialised novel by M. Howalt. It is free to read on JukePop Serials.



If you like the story, please consider clicking the +Vote button located on the page of each chapter to show your support and help out the author. Thank you in advance. Aconitum is a labour of love and really depends on its readers.