Old News




June 6th 2015:

The final chapters are now online, and Aconitum is complete. Thank you very much for the support! I hope to have a few more news and announcements for you over the next weeks.


June 2nd 2015:

Aconitum came in sixth on the monthly top 30 on JukePop in May. Thank you for the support! The final chapters will be released this week (the 4th and the 6th), so stay tuned.


May 18th 2015:

There is now a fanart page on the site. Check out the awesome drawings inspired by Aconitum!


May 7th 2015:

The first chapter of May (chapter 37) is now online! And with that, we kick off the novel's last full month live on JukePop.


April 10th 2015:

Aconitum was on JukePop's monthly Top 30 again for March and now has a total of 1500 votes! Thank you for the support!


March 11th 2015:

The contest on Facebook is now over and the three winners have been picked. Their stickers are in the mail.


February 24th 2015:

Aconitum just passed 1000 votes on JukePop Serials. To celebrate, there's a new short story and a contest on Facebook.


February 16th 2015:

Author Joyce T. Strand interviews M. Howalt on her blog.


December 24th 2014:

There is an exclusive, new short story to read for free. Happy holidays!


October 5th 2014:

Aconitum now has a page on Write Now Wiki.


October 1st 2014:

Aconitum made it to JukePop's monthly Top 30 in September! Thank you for voting!


August 22nd 2014:

The first chapter of Aconitum is now live on JukePop Serials! The serial will be updated every Thursday.